Pulau Tailana


Hallo! Ape kabar mu! Selamat datang di Pulau                                             Tailana!*


               Tropical island from your books, from your dreams... 


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Pulau Tailana is a small tropical island of coral origin in the Indonesian archipelago named Pulau Banyak, located off the east cost of Sumatra in Aceh region. The island is exactly the type of place that you might have seen in numerous romantic movies, read in adventure books or dreamt about in your sleep.


Wouldn't you love to feel like Robinson Crusoe for a few days?    


This secluded and tranquil place is a set amongst many other islands and islets, which together enable to enjoy amazingly panoramic views from almost every corner. Pulau Tailana is from three sides surrounded by a lagoon with crystal clear turquoise waters. The island itself is encircled by pristine white sand beaches that make you want to snap thousands of photos...that is how breathtaking and picturesque the place is. The island's interior hosts a lush green jungle that can be wholly yours after you have escaped the 'concrete jungle' in your city.


Thanks to the fact that Pulau Tailana, or Pulau Banyak if you like, is not anywhere near a big city or port, and it is sometimes lengthy and even difficult to get to the place, it is not on the radar of tourists nowadays. That ensures you will have this beautiful island only for yourself. But, if you feel that the solitariness and serenity is too exhausting, you may want to explore local villages or meet locals beyond the island's boundaries. That will show you the real life the Acehnese live, the authentic atmosphere of Aceh. 


                                            In total, three bungalows await you there.  



* - Hello, how are you? Welcome to Pulau Tailana! (from Indonesian) 




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