Pulau Tailana


Lodging and food


How can you sleep with a waves splashing sound? 

Do you like sea food?  

The island provides three basic bungalows, which are located on the beach with beautiful ocean views. Each bungalow comes with large mattresses, mosquito nets and a kerosene lamp for the orientation at night. The shared toilet and bathroom sits outside, a few steps away from bungalows.  

There is neither electricity nor running tap water on the island. However, there is a well that is a source of fresh water. GSM network signal is available in some parts of the beach if you feel like you do not want to be cast away completely.

One detached house (see below) functions as a restaurant, along with a kitchen and a small 'office'.

Mawan who runs this island, and who is among others a skilled cook, will prepare delicious meals for you. Not only does he bring his own groceries to the island, he also uses natural resources that mother nature endows us.

You want to pluck a coconut and the tree is too tall for you? He will climb it up for you. Besides, he makes scrumptious coconut pancakes from them.     

The place is from time to time visited by local fishermen offering their fresh produce to you. Thus, there is a good opportunity for you to taste fresh fish or other sea creatures of the local waters.    

Are you a vegetarian? Worry not. Just let us know beforehand!


  • "Stayong there its worth 1mln dollars! Pak Daswan were preparing delicious food everyday including octopus, mantas and all these colorful fishes... Islands itself its a paradise!..."
    Bartek & Ewa
    Stay on Pulau Tailana 2014
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