Pulau Tailana


Me and my objectives


Raising awareness of the island Pulau Tailana and the whole archipelago Pulau Banyak  


About the author:
My name is Jiri. I am from Prague, Czech Republic, where I currently live and work as an ESL teacher. Aside from that, I am also in the real estate business. My main passions are traveling, photography and linguistics. I have for some time lived and traveled in southern hemisphere, especially Australia and South Pacific; however most recently I visited one lovely spot I would love to share with you.

Rationale of this website:
I would like to thank you for reading these lines. Mr.Mawan runs accommodation on one of the last unspoilt and pristine places in Sumatra, Indonesia and asked me to help him promote an interest in a magnificent piece of land - palm fringed island in the middle of turquoise sea, which is now very much underrated. Unjustly so!

Well, speaking of being underrated, I had a small dilemma when discussing with him possible cooperation about promoting the island. I eventually decided to help him with this website so that more people know about that, but at the same time, I knew that any massive promotion and boost tourism from all directions and their implications might destroy the appeal the place now boasts.

So I wonder, what is this corner of the world going to be like over a few years? Will it be more destructive than the tsunami that struck the archipelago in 2004, or by contrast, it will uplift the development and people's living standards without actually damaging the place? Let it be a surprise!

Have a nice day wherever you are.




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  • "Stayong there its worth 1mln dollars! Pak Daswan were preparing delicious food everyday including octopus, mantas and all these colorful fishes... Islands itself its a paradise!..."
    Bartek & Ewa
    Stay on Pulau Tailana 2014
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